Skill Cooldown Description
Pulse 4 sec You deal 30 magic damage to all enemies within 5 blocks.
Flux 12 sec You mark your target's position for the next 3 seconds. At any point during this time, you may reactivate this skill to teleport your target back to that location!
PartyBlink 15 sec Teleport yourself and party members within 5 blocks up to 10 blocks away.
Web 20 sec You conjure a web around your target that will hinder them and any nearby targets for 2 seconds.
Vortex 25 sec Summon a vortex at the target location that draws in nearby enemies and causes loss of control for 3 seconds!
ArcaneStorm 60 sec Call upon the forces of the arcane to knockback enemies within 5 blocks and deal 12 magic damage every 1 second for 10 seconds.
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