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Zone: Brimrock
Leader: N/A
Coordinates: -625, 2000
Inhabitants: Blazes, Lost Souls, Magma Cubes


Brimrock is the great island of flame and stone known as "The Burning Isle" in the common tongue. The isle was discovered in the year 284 AGS by the vaelar, who sought the riches within its depths. A group of vaelari sailors first pioneered the isle and began to harvest its plentiful resources of coal and obsidian. Later, once word of the isle's discovery had traveled across the lands, the sahrid people of the East made claim to Brimrock for its military position. They believed that Brimrock fell within the territory of Sahrem, and as such it was their right to refuse access to the vaelar. Thus, the vaelar established an agreement of fair trade between themselves and the sahrid. This agreement, which became an official decree of peace, stated that the vaelar would be allowed full use of the great isle, and in exchange the sahrid would receive a large portion of the profits and ores.

This agreement helped the isle's affairs to run seamlessly, and both nations flourished with the wealth of the rock for many months. This peace did not last.

A night came when the miners dug deep and stumbled across something that was never meant to be seen by mortal eyes. Their discovery awakened horrid creatures, who did not hesitate to slaughter the company in a matter of moments. Soon after, when the sahrid returned to the mountain to collect their resources, they discovered an abandoned camp with no laborers to be seen. Blood shone on the floor, yet no bodies were found. Upon further exploration, they discovered what the vaelari miners had unearthed: a portal to another realm. The history of this realm was well-known in sahrid culture as a desolate place of death and fire; they called it the Nether. The sahrid fled the mountain, never to return. No one in their right mind has set foot on the smoldering rock since.