Recommended Level Range: [20-40]

Recommended Party Size: 3+

The Burning Isle is the second dungeon of Eternum. The isle is a pvp zone, so adventurers beware! This dungeon is located on an island to the far West of Ythanica and can be sailed to at [-105x, 66y, 635z].

The Surface


The surface of the isle is plagued by Fallen Knights, remnants of the Battle of the Burning Isle.

  • Each slain mob has a 10% chance to spawn a Cultist, an elite. This elite will fire a powerful beam of blood, but this ability can be dodged.

The Caverns


The caverns beneath the fortress are home to Molten Rocks.

  • Each slain mob has a 10% chance to spawn a Colossal, an elite.

The Fortress of Eranor


The fortress at the top of the isle is home to the Wraiths, and the central throne of the fortress is the current home of Bael the Accursed. This boss has three unique phases which it will choose at random, each with its own set of mechanics.

  • Each slain mob has a 10% chance to spawn an Elemental, an elite.
  • Upon his death, the boss will always drop superior uncommon loot.

Loot Chests


The isle is filled with tier 2 chests. These contain any and all nether supplies, such as quartz, glowstone, and even ghast tears. These chests also contain glistering melons, useful for potion making.

  • Tier 2 Chests respawn every 15 minutes