Skill Cooldown Description
Wrath 6 sec You inflict your holy wrath upon the target, dealing 10 magic damage. Wrath will instead deal 20 magic damage if the target is undead.
HolyWater 10 sec You throw a potion of Holy Water at your target location. Allies affected by the potion are healed for 60 health. Undead affected by the potion will be dealt 10 magic damage instead. You are only healed for 30 health from this effect.
HolyAura 20 sec You radiate an aura of light magic, restoring 15 health per 1 second(s) for 5 seconds to party members (other than yourself) within 10 blocks. The spell will also deal 3 magic damage to undead.
Brilliance 15 sec You emit a radiant light, blinding your target for 5 seconds!
Clemency 30 sec You grant your party clemency for 10 seconds. While active, you restore 10 mana for party members within 10 blocks every 2 seconds.
Balance 60 sec On use, balances the percent max health of everyone in the party within a 10 block radius.
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