Skill Cooldown Description
Mire 6 sec You call upon the spirits of nature to strike your target, dealing 20 magic damage and slowing them for 1.5 seconds.
WildGrowth 10 sec You replenish 80 health over 5 seconds to party members within 10 blocks. You are only healed for 40 health from this effect.
Entangle 12 sec You root your target in place for 3 seconds. The effect will break if the target takes damage.
Gale 20 sec You unleash strong gales of wind in front of you, up to 5 blocks away. Enemies hit will be dealt 25 magic damage and knocked back!
Windstride 15 sec You call upon the winds to boost the speed of all party members within 12 blocks. The effect lasts 5 seconds, but is removed upon taking damage.
Regrowth 60 sec You instantly restore 75 health to your target, and then restore an additional 75 of their health over the course of 5 seconds. You are healed for half if this ability is self-cast on yourself.
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