To become a wealthy merchant in Eternum, you must travel the land to collect, buy, and sell goods. For a quick route between national capitals, take the national road. But beware! Bandits often use this road to rob other players.

  • Travel NPCs offer transport to different locations around the map. Travel between capital cities will cost a fee of 3 emeralds.



Capital cities contain different vendors and accept different goods.

  • B/S (Buy or Sell) NPCs, located in capital cities, will buy goods from you in exchange for Mira. (Some of these NPCs will sell you goods as well)
  • Marketer NPCs will bring up the Global Market
    • While standing in a capital city, you may place items for sale with /market add <price>
    • Other players may buy and sell items on the market
    • Market listings last 48 hours!
  • Speak to a Banker, located in each capital, to store and protect your items!



Mastering your profession, collecting rare drops from dungeons, and trading with players and NPCs will earn you tons of wealth on the server. Put this wealth to good use by buying unique items from seasonal exotic vendors, hiring mercenaries to fight for your town, and commanding polotical influence in the realm.