Recommended Level Range: [40-50]

Recommended Party Size: 5+

The Enuian Forest is the current final dungeon of Eternum. The forest is a pvp zone, so adventurers beware! The dungeon is located on an island in the far North of Ythanica and can be sailed to at [-105x, 66y, 635z].

The Forest


The forest is inhabited by Dire Wolves, stonger and quicker than the average wolf.

  • Each slain mob has a 10% chance to spawn an Alpha, an elite. The elite will call upon the wolfpack!

Shrines of the Lost


Hidden within the darkness of the forest are the Shrines of the Lost. These four shrines, scattered around the forest, are guarded by Cultists, stronger than those found on the Burning Isle.

  • Each slain mob has a 10% chance to spawn a Captain, an elite.
  • These mobs fire powerful beams of blood, but these abilities can be dodged.

The Twilight Cathedral

Wands 004

At the heart of the forest lies the Twilight Cathedral. This once-holy place of worship has been corrupted by Amicus White, recently returned from exile. This boss has a host of abilities and allies, so adventurers beware.

  • Upon his death, the cultist leader will always drop superior rare loot.

Loot Chests


The forest is filled with tier 3 chests. These contain rare and unique items, such as off-hand weapons and horse spawn eggs.

  • Tier 3 Chests respawn every 30 minutes