Level 1

☀ Potion - You are able to use potions!

☀ Repair - You are able to repair tools and armor. There is a 10% chance, (Max level), that enchanted armor will be disenchanted.

☀ Might - You increase your party's damage with weapons by 19.999% for 10s. :CD 60s

☀ Charge - You charge toward your target! :CD 20s

☀ Kick - Kicks your target into the air. :CD 15s

☀ Bleed - You cause your target to bleed, dealing 25 damage over 25s. :CD 30s

☀ Jolt - The envoy ports to a target mob or player within five blocks, dealing 50 damage and knocking them back. :CD

☀ Decelerate - Cause nearby enemies to be slowed for 5s. :CD

☀ SonicBoom - Create a mighty clap of thunder silencing enemies within 5 blocks for 2s. :CD 30s

Level 10

☀ Conduct - Take all damage for nearby party members for 5s. :CD

Level 20

☀ Aegis - Place a protective barrier for 10s :CD

Level 30

☀ Overdrive - Swing your weapons with increased haste and strength! :CD

Level 40

☀  Discharge - Strike down lighting upon every mob or enemy around you. :CD


Best Weapon Damage:

- Diamond Sword


- Chainmail