Starting Out

Before you enter the realm, ensure that you have chosen your class, profession, and nation. (These are displayed to the right of your screen on the scoreboard)

  • [?] Help NPCs offer useful information for new players and will help kickstart your journey!

Joining a Town

  • Type /needtown to broadcast a server-wide message!
  • New players are placed in capital cities and may need to leave their current town before joining a new one with /t leave
  • Towns may not share allegiance to the same nation you chose. Be sure that you are content with changing your allegiance before joining a town.

Leveling Up

Armor stand

Defeating mobs will earn you experience towards your class. This experience will level you up and grant you new skills.

  • Type /lvl to view your experience!

It is recommended that new players visit the Mines of Miradorr dungeon to level. This no-pvp dungeon will help you earn gear and Mira to start your adventure!

  • Achieve mastery at level 50!

Get Involved!

Join the server discord! Discord Link