Eternum uses the Heroes plugin to add combat classes and professions to Minecraft!

Combat Classes


To become a hero, you must first choose your path.

  • View a list of available classes with /hero paths
  • Once you have chosen a class, select it with /hero choose <classname>
    • Changing your class will require 15.00 Mira, but new players can switch their class for free by clicking the button in The Forge

Each class is unique in its own way and has a unique set of armor, weapons, and skills. To check which armor and weapons your class can use, type the following commands:

  • Check your available types of armor with /hero armor
  • Check the available tools (weapons) your class can wield with /hero tools
    • The number next to each tool is the damage value of that tool. Some classes use swords, other axes, etc.
  • View your abilities with /skills <classname>
  • Bind an ability to an item with /bind <skillname> while holding an item. Right-clicking this item will always cast this ability.

Leveling Up

Armor stand

Defeating mobs will earn you experience towards your class. This experience will level you up and grant you new skills.

  • Type /lvl to view your experience!

Changing your class costs a fee, but your experience will be stored so that you won't lose levels in your old class. It is recommended that new players visit the Mines of Miradorr dungeon to level. This no-pvp dungeon will help you earn gear and Mira to start your adventure!

  • Achieve mastery at level 50!

Guide to Professions


Professions will help you produce goods and make money on the server. Each of the four professions are key to maintaining a powerful kingdom, so it is recommended that aspiring town leaders recruit a variety.

Professions do not have combat skills and instead have utility skills. Certain professions can craft armor and weapons, while others can breed animals or brew potions. Leveling each profession is done differently, from harvesting crops to chopping trees. Read about each profession to see which one best suits you!

  • Achieve mastery at level 30!

Useful Commands

  • /hero whois <playername> - This command is used to check what class a player is currently.
  • /party invite <playername> - This command is used to form a party. Partying with other players will split experience gains, but experience gains in a party are multiplied 1.5x!