Skill Cooldown Description
Tumble Passive You are adept at bracing yourself, and will only take fall damage when falling down a block height greater than 5!
Backflip 10 sec You backflip away from your enemies!
Disarm 15 sec You disarm your target for 3 seconds.
Track 30 sec Track your target and learn of their location in the realm! Your compass will point to the target for 30 seconds after tracking them.
GrapplingHook 45 sec Your next shot will fire a grappling hook! The grappling hook travels up to 50 blocks away and pulls you to any solid block it hits! If you are pulled into an obstacle and are unable to move for 2 seconds, the line will snap.
ExplosiveShot 60 sec Apply an explosive charge to 1 of your arrows. Once attached, your next shot fired within the next 5 seconds will damage all targets within 3 blocks for 30 magic damage. Targets that are hit with the blast are also knocked away from the explosion.