Skill Cooldown Description
Fireball 4 sec You unleash a ball of fire that deals 30 magic damage.
Scorch 12 sec You deal 50 magic damage to your target and sear them with intense heat, slowing them for 1 seconds and interrupting their casting.
FlashFire 15 sec You flash forward in a burst of flame, teleporting up to 5 blocks away and dealing 15 magic damage to any enemies you pass through.
DragonsBreath 18 sec You unleash the furious breath of a dragon up to 3 blocks in front of you. Targets hit will be dealt 75 magic damage.
Eruption 25 sec Unleash a mass of condensed flame in front of you, striking up to 5 blocks away. A single enemy within 5 blocks of the explosion will be dealt 25 magic damage and stunned for 0.5 seconds.
Comet 60 sec You launch a powerful comet in front of you! The comet will travel up to 10 blocks, pass through enemies, and damage all enemies hit for 100 magic damage!
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