Skill Cooldown Description
Bolt 6 sec You strike your target with lightning, dealing 30 magic damage and interrupting their casting.
ChainLightning 12 sec You unleash a chain of electricity that arcs between a maximum of 5 targets, dealing 25 magic damage to each!
Absorb 15 sec You absorb harmful magic for 3 seconds, reducing any incoming magic damage by 50% and restoring your mana based on the resisted portion at a 75% rate.
Static 15 sec Your target becomes an excellent conductor of electricity, taking 25% more magic damage from all sources for 3 seconds!
Megabolt 30 sec You call down a massive bolt of lightning on your target, dealing 50 magic damage to them and all enemies within 5 blocks.
Boltstorm 60 sec You summon a thunderstorm that rains down 15 thunderbolts in a 10 block radius around you! Enemies within 2 blocks of a bolt are dealt 35 magic damage!