Recommended Level Range: [1-20]

Recommended Party Size: 1+

The Mines of Miradorr is the first dungeon of Eternum. Unlike other dungeons, the mines are a no-pvp zone. This allows new players learn the game without being killed by other players. The dungeon can be accessed from its entrance in Miradorr at [-105x, 66y, 635z], or from the Miners stationed outside Frosthaven and Al Sahar.

The Mines


The first room of the mines contains Undead Miners and Livid Corpses, the handiwork of the corruption of Brimrock.

  • Each slain mob has a 7.5% chance to spawn a Warden, an elite. Elites are tougher and hit harder, but will always drop a common item upon their death.

The Den of Spiders


The second room of the mines is a den of spiders and contains Shade Spiders and Weavers.

  • Each slain mob has a 10% chance to spawn a Rider, an elite.

Grasp of the Underworld


The final room of the mines is the boss room and is home to Morgg the Corrupt. This boss has a host of abilities and allies, so adventurers beware.

  • Upon his death, the demon will always drop superior common loot.
  • Room three will drop only armor, not weapons.

Loot Chests


The mines are filled with Tier 1 Loot Chests. These chests contain the basic supplies necessary for new players, such as arrows, food, and basic building materials.

  • Tier 1 Chests respawn every 5 minutes