Level 1

☀ Potion - You are able to use potions!

☀ Alchemy - You are able to craft potions!

☀ Summonfood - You summon 1 bread at your feet. :CD 20s

☀ Clemency - Your party gains 50% increased mana regen for 30s. :CD 60s

☀ GroupHeal - You restore 30 health to all nearby party members. :CD 30s

☀ Curse - You curse the target for 8s, giving their attacks a 40% miss chance. :CD 45s

☀ Penance - Your target is cleansed of their evil, dealing 10 damage. :CD 25s

☀ Smite - You smite the target for 15 holy damage. :CD 10s

☀ Jukebox - Places a jukebox that you can use with your other skills. :CD 21s

Level 10

☀ Diminish - Your Jukebox plays a hazardous tune that nauseates your enemies. :CD 30s

Level 20

☀ Accelerando - Your Jukebox plays an inspiring tune that gives your allies a movement boost. :CD 20s

Level 30

☀ Minuet - Your Jukebox plays a disruptive tune that slows enemies around it. :CD 30s

Level 40

 ☀ Finale - Your Jukebox plays an enchanting tune that tethers enemies to your jukebox for 5s. :CD 60s


Best Weapon Damage: 

- Diamond Spade


- Leather