Level 1

☀ Potion - You are able to use potions!

☀ Sailboat - Summons a boat in a body of water. CD: 5mins

☀ Enchant - You are able to enchant items.

☀ Disenchant - You are able to disenchant items, returning them to normal. :CD 3mins

☀ Blink - Teleports you up to 5 blocks away. :CD 20s.

☀ Web - You conjure a web around your target. :CD 30s

☀ Piggify - You force your target to ride a pig for 6 seconds. :CD 25s

☀ Fireball - You shoot a ball of fire and ignite your enemies! :CD 2s

☀ Safeguard - Summon a magic barrier at target block, blocking all projectiles. :CD 20s     

☀ Inversion - You deal magic damage equal to 80.0% of the mana the target is missing. :CD 1.5min

Level 10

☀ MassPositionSwap - Swaps the location of every player 10 blocks around you. :CD 25s

Level 20

☀ ManaPotion - Use this skill to regenerate mana. :CD 60s

Level 30

☀ Entomb - Trap target ally or enemy in a tomb of glass for 5 seconds :CD 40s 

Level 40

☀ Pulse - Launch an orb of pure arcane magic, dealing 30 damage upon explosion. :CD 20s


Best Weapon Damage:

- Diamond Hoe


- Leather