Skill Cooldown Description
Icebolt 6 sec You launch a ball of ice that deals 20 magic damage to your target and slows them for 3 seconds!
Flurry 10 sec You launch a flurry of frost forward, launching enemies it hits high into the air!
Freeze 15 sec You encase your target in a block of ice for 3 seconds! During this time they cannot attack or be damaged.
Polarize 20 sec You force targets within 10 blocks to ride a polar bear for 3 seconds!
IcyVeins 25 sec You freeze your blood for 5 seconds, reducing incoming damage from all sources by a flat rate of 8 and dealing 5 magic damage to targets that hit you. You are also completely immune to fire during this effect.
Frostbite 45 sec You cast an icy spell on all enemies within 10 blocks for 5 seconds, rooting them in place. (This effect breaks on damage). Afterward, afflicted enemies are slowed, fatigued, and nauseated for 8 additional seconds.
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