Skill Cooldown Description
Flood 6 sec You launch a small wave forward, dealing 25 magic damage to enemies it hits.
Torrent 10 sec You let loose a torrent up to 3 blocks in front of you, striking all enemies in its path for 15 physical damage and knocking them back.
Harpoon 15 sec You impale your target upon a harpoon, pulling them back towards you and dealing 15 physical damage!
Riptide 20 sec You ride the waves for 5 blocks, dealing 25 physical damage to all enemies in your path!
Lure 25 sec You resonate a beautiful song, pulsing for 15 physical damage and slowing enemies within 5 blocks for 1.5 seconds. Your melody pulses every 1 second(s) for the next 5 seconds.
SirenSong 45 sec You sing a treacherous melody, dealing 45 physical damage and silencing enemies within 5 blocks for 3 seconds.
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