Beginning of the End

First calling
The Board is Set

With the Fortress of Eranor constructed and the army of the dead at their disposal, the cultists were set to invade the realm. Soon, the overworld would fall to the wrath of Malythas and the reign of darkness would begin.

It began with raids on smaller villages. The enemy took no survivors, and word of their destruction traveled slowly. Soon, however, trade ships did not return, and crop imports ceased. The wrath of the enemy was secret no longer.

Fall of the Realm

Genesis Port in Ruin

The original capital of Valaris, Genesis Port, was the first major attack of The Ivory Order. It was powerless against the combined strength of the order and the demons of Brimrock. The city fell in a matter of hours.

By 38 AGS, cities from all three nations of the realm had suffered at the hands the scourge of Brimrock. The realm's last free city, Miradorr, was the only solace for those who had survived the vicious attacks from the underworld.

Flight to the Haven

Survivors of the destruction of Genesis Port fled to Miradorr, a safe-haven and neutral port in the heart of Ythanica. The people nearly fell into disarray, as nations that had once been enemies were forced to come to each other's aid. With many of the nation's leaders dead or missing, shouting filled the air with chaos and disorder. Althalos Grey, the second Grand Warden of Valaris, suggested a court of the wisest remaining leaders of each nation. The Dire Council is heralded as the turning of the tides of war, an event which single-handedly saved the free peoples of Ythanica from utter ruin.