Eternum uses the Towny plugin to manage land claims. Towns are protected from griefing by other players!

Joining a Town

  • Type /needtown to broadcast a server-wide message!
  • New players are placed in capital cities and may need to leave their current town before joining a new one with /t leave

Starting a Town

  • Building a town costs 100.00 Mira.
    • Type /t new <townname>
  • Return to your town with /t spawn
  • Control mobs in your town with /town toggle mobs

Growing Your Town

  • Towns grow in size as mayors claim plots with /plot claim
  • A town starts out with [2] plots (16 x 16 blocks) and gains [+2] additional plots per member.
  • Towns that have declared allegiance to a nation will receive a bonus of [10] plots!
    • Invite players to your town with /t add <playername>
  • Towns can also purchase a maximum of [10] extra plots for 25.00 Mira each with /t buy bonus <amount>
  • To move your town spawn, stand in the exact spot you want it and type:
    • /t set homeblock
    • then /t set spawn

Maintaining a Town

  • Towns have upkeep, or a daily Mira cost of 2.50 to maintain.
    • Every five members a town reaches, this value will double.
    • i.e., a town that holds [1-4] players will pay 2.50, [5-9] players will pay 5.00, [10-14] players will pay 10.00, etc.
    • Upkeep values will stop doubling once a town reaches [20] members!
  • Deposit Mira into your town bank with /t deposit <amount>

Towny Ranks

  • /t set mayor <playername>
    • This takes mayorship and ownership of the town away from you. Be careful.
  • /t rank add <playername> co-mayor
    • This allows the player to do anything that a mayor can do other than /t delete
  • /t rank add <playername> assistant
    • This allows the player to do anything within the town that a mayor can do other than; /t delete, /t unclaim, and /t withdraw
  • /t rank add <playername> recruiter
    • This allows the player to invite other players to your town