An Ancient Text

A Catalyst

The Ulendrum is the sole item to be found on the continent of Ythanica by the Vanguard. It is the only suggestion of sentient life before The Arrival. Discovered by High King Loras I of Thaedra, the text is responsible for bringing magic into the world.

The text has been heralded (or condemned) as the sole catalyst for The First Calling and the rise of The Ivory Order.

A New World Order

While in the possession of High King Loras I, the text brought only arcane magic to the realm. Loras was strong of will and managed to resist the book's temptation of power, straying from the darker magics.

Once stolen by Amicus White, however, the book revealed blood magic. Later the pure magics of light and darkness were discovered, along with the elemental magics. These rapid discoveries in The First Age created all new classes of study, from the fire-wielding infernos to the sinister cultists, masters of evil. Magic became the new world order.

Treachery of the Book

Father of Light and Lord of Darkness

The book is unarguably the sole cause of The First Calling.

The Ulendrum may not have been able to corrupt High King Loras I, but it was able to corrupt its next owner, Amicus White. While reading the book each night, Amicus White began to hear whispers from its pages. This voice claimed to be Eranor, the Father of Light and mightiest of the titans. This, however, was a lie. In truth, the book was written by Malythas and hidden in the overworld, his one chance at overthrowing his kin.

Malythas intended to use the book to bring about the destruction of the overworld and his freedom from the underworld.

Titan of Hell

The Harbinger of Brimrock sought to control Amicus and the blood mages to open a breach into the realm of the living and free itself from his hellish prison. Only through the destruction of the book can the titan be silenced. At the close of The Battle of the Burning Isle, the book was cast into the breach and fell into the underworld. Its current whereabouts are unknown.