How to Unlock:

The Warlock class can be unlocked by slaying the foul creatures of The Smoldering Isle. Collect 9 Warlock Class Fragments from the various demons of the island, then combine all 9 fragments in a workbench to obtain a Warlock Catalyst!

Warlock recipe

A Conjurer of Darkness


"The first warlocks were cast out from their homes for the use of dark magic. They banded together to increase their strength and have united to wreak havoc on the cities and villages who once shunned them. Select this class if you want to dampen the healing of your enemies."

Skill Mana Cost Cooldown Description
Darkbolt 15 6 sec Launch an orb imbued with dark energy. The orb will explode shortly after launching. Enemies caught within 3.0 blocks of the explosion are withered for 2 seconds. Withering deals 25.0 instant damage and weakens all incoming heals by 25%.
Nightmare 40 15 sec Impales the target with a spike of darkness casting them into a nightmarish state, dealing 15.0 damage per 2 seconds for 4 seconds.
Harmtouch 60 20 sec You deal 35.0 dark damage to the target, slowing them and reducing their healing by 65% for 5 seconds.
Devouring Darkness 80 60 sec You resonate darkness, slowing enemies within 5.0 blocks for 1 second. Your devouring darkness pulses every 1 second for the next 5 seconds.